Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It is hard for me

When my maternal grandparents were sick, I wasnt around to see. Then the sad news came. When my paternal grandpa got sick, again I wasnt around. Then the house phone rang with the bad news. I wasnt around to see the figures i love started losing their strength and lost in the battle against time.

My nenek is got worse after she fell in front of the bathroom last Monday. Now she's staying with my auntie,the one i work for. My auntie spent most of her time looking after her since 3 days ago.sometimes she'd come to the shop to cook lunch for nenek or spilled her heart.

Today,nenek kept asking for water.she was so thirsty.if you know what it means,you know.even the people at the shop said the same thing. She also kept asking my auntie to send her to her old house, the house she grew up in when she was little. The house isnt there anymore. It was a long long time ago.

This time, i'm around to see. And it is hard for's hard because she's in pain. She groans everytime somebody moves her legs. Last night she couldnt sleep because of the pain.

It's hard for me. Breaks my heart everytime i see her like that.
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