Thursday, November 10, 2011

The invitations are here!

Next week will be the final week of schooling years, Malaysia Calendar. Many wedding invitations have started flooding in our doors. hehe and today Mak brought back about 5 invitation cards given by her colleagues.

oooo I love the purple one - 2nd from right.

Aaaaanyway, among the cards, there's one that caught our attention. Tadaaa!

why? Because it looks exactly like an exercise book! The brown cover one.hahah reminded me of primary school yearsss. Let's take a look 

at the back of the card. The multiplications table is being replaced by a calendar, marking the date of the reception. Got 'Rukun Negara tooo!

Inside the card. Exercise book look alike. 

The only thing is that the font is very hard to read. Overall, Unique!

I think both bride and groom are teachers. That's why.

tee heee

Our invitations? not so unique like this la.... we opt for the cheap ones. Coz we both agree not to spend money on something that will be thrown away.

p/s I seem soo rajin updating blog lately. This is a sign of stress people!


sword said...

very unique..haha

Sue Andy's said...

Masha Allah ku teruja kad invitation exercise book. :D cant wait urs ;) *wink*

Nurul Razak said...

haha kannn...aku teruja juak.cuma font nya choose ya susah kali mok baca. aku mpun>haha tunggu jak k.

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