Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perihal warna tema kenduri kahwin

Today I feel low, a bit only la... maybe because I started the day with a sad news, I heard at the shop today.

Anyway, today there was a Makcik hung around the shop for some time. She helped to peel the potatoes bla bla while talking. I have always failed to join makcik conversation so I usually listened to the stories. Same goes to this morning. Listening to the makcik talking to my aunt and the cook. My aunt and the cook were kinda busy with orders coming in. so maybe the makcik got bored. She shifted the attention to me, asking about my fiancee. She looks astounded with the fact that B is from Sarawak. Terus membebel2 macam aku hanakkkk dia. What made me soo upset was she sounded as if I'm marrying a monkey, something like that ish!

But I used the same strategy though, smiled and nodded.

Lepas ni nak cakap la tunang aku orang Britain ke, Australia ke. *GERAM*


I applied for cuti from my auntie for 2 weeks starting end of this month. Approved! Wah gitu kan bunyi macam keja korporat.hahahaha Going back to Kedah for a cousin's wedding, then 4 days in Bintulu and 4 days back in Melaka for hantaran hunting and wedding dress booking and fitting. 

Is it too early? All the makciks at the shop said it's still wayyy too early. Takpela... plan to buy cloths for solemnization, wedding band, some hantaran gifts and book the invitation cards. I cannot afford to do everything one shot because I'm not working, I dunno where to fork that extra cash in one go.hehehe Takpela... awal pun awal la..

So I need to finalize the color theme a.s.a.p.

Few ideas in mind:

My original idea: Purple and baby blue 

I dreamt of this theme last night: Purple and silver. (over kau sampai mimpi hahaha)

Kak GG's: Purple and green. Not bad!

I showed mom all the photos above. She frowned. A sign of disagreement. Haish...
She wants something USUAL. Like below,

Purple and White/ Cream


Mom still cannot get over the traditional idea. She's scared to mix and match the color though I have repeatedly explained to her that those are the trends right now. But the other day she kinda agreed when my idea was supported by Busu Ros and Mak Teh.hahaha I think she needs the 'grown ups' opinion rather than mine.

 So what's your pick??

If I still cannot decide by December, am gonna use all time favourite method: Draw lots.hahaha


valentine87 said...

aku suka ... Purple and White/ Cream and Purple and baby blue nang KACHAK...hihi mek suko la... warna nya terang n menonjol..harus vogueh uols..
btw iboh sedeh jee... mun aku ada sia tek mesti ku nyebut: Jodoh ditangan Tuhan~~ kan~~ sbar ja la~

Anonymous said...

yayyyyy cadanganku diterima!!

ok if u do decide to take purple and green, go for lavender purple and hijau pucuk pisang. Gerenti boomz!

Same goes for purple and baby blue. If the purple is a bit lighter (but must be darker than the baby blue), pun boomz.

I like your choices!

- Kak GG

Nurul Razak said...

thanks loves.hehe

skrang tgh perah2 otak nih. carik idea best.hehe

Sue Andy's said...

Nurol. i love purple+silver the most and purple + baby blue :D. as usual mun mok mintak tlg apa2 pdh jak. since MIL aku regular cust rah SSF :P ada member card hehe.

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

i love those cucumber's entries!

Hunny Kitty said...

purple is nice~

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