Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teachers are to work 9 Hours per day

ALOR SETAR: Teachers should not panic over the nine-hour work day pilot project which will be introduced in four states next year, says Deputy Education Minister Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.
“The new system will begin in Pahang, Malacca, Johor and Sarawak in January.
“A decision on whether to introduce it to other states will only be made after the six-month trial period is over,” he said.
Dr Wee said teachers may have served longer working hours compared to what the public think.
Hence, the pilot project was important so that the real situation could be determined, he added.

         Source: The Star.  For more story, click here

 My take on this issue: ehh~ (shrug)

Mom's take on this issue: "Dah biasa"

Abah's: *krik krik* he couldnt care less.hahaha

I've seen my parents, mom especially went to work as early as 6am (when we were in Miri) and returned home  after 6pm every weekdays. At night, she was busy preparing lesson plans or marking papers or keyed in marks or other clerical jobs.

Since we moved here, Mom goes to work at 6.45am and comes back around 3.30 pm - normal day. Days with co-curricular activities or meetings what nots, around 5.45pm.

Even during practicum days, sometimes I went home around 5pm. As expected as a junior.haha

What to do? Government servant - Saya yang menurut perintah

Kot-kot penat, boleh tido dalam kelas...sebab student dah balik.hahaha

Looking on a bright side, maybe teachers can finish up some work in school before the clock strikes 4.30pm. Maybe la.. I dunno. I'm in no position to complain yet.

I'm so jealous with B. He works for 4 days, then off for another 4 days. 2 days of day shift and 2 night shifts. Brings home no homework. If he applies for one cycle leaves, he gets 12 days of holidays. grrrrrrr. Jealous jealous jealous~

Have a great Sunday!


sword said...

jom kerja lah ngan hby..hehe

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