Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm blessed.

Today was crazy. All the customers came almost at the same time, sending me running around, getting confused, making tasteless drinks and wrong orders T_________T.

The Penyu Boys (they're 4m terengganu...haha), Petronas, Lecturers, Nurses, Jab Pertanian, Group Duit (Kewangan UITM), villagers, school kids all showed up today. Perghh! Andddd, Pengarah UITM Lendu also came.tee hee... I selamber addressed him as 'Pakcik' coz I didnt know him in the 1st place... Nasiblerrr.. Can meet oso at kedai makan, no need to go to UITM. He was sooo humble, joining other lecturers for brunch and paid for the bills. He came with his wife and son. Most lecturers who just walked in the shop, you could see they were surprised to see him. Tee hee hee. Terus jadi formal yo!

Datuk Prof Madya Dr. Mizan Bin Hitam 

Apart from that, there's this uncle, who has been so nice to me since the 1st day I was there. Today he asked me where I wanna be posted and of course I said 'Sarawak'. (Since I'm getting married next year, there's no point getting posted to Melaka only later have to apply for transfer again). For Sarawak, he said there shouldnt be a problem since most Semenanjung teachers dowanna get posted there. He gives me a number to call. Amagashhhhhhhhhhh I cannot tell how happy i was.


Makkkkk, please call for me, can?????

I've met so many nice people. Maybe this is the reason, the hikmah. Right?



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