Saturday, November 19, 2011

Under the weather

I woke up today feelin a lil bit light headed. Then cherry berry came for few rounds and stopped at noon. After that, I felt nauseous the whole day, till just now.

Yess, I finally threw up all the indigest food in my belly. Feeling soooo much better. It came without warning though. Lucky I was able to run to the bathroom. The only thing is that, I threw up in the sink..... all the food got stuck and I had to use my hand to scoop them all out, threw into the toilet bowl and flushed. Yuckkkkks!

I'm guessing food poisoning. It's the same the way I feel right now with when I was in Genting last time. Only my cherry berry didnt last long. But the pain, like thousands of pins being pinched into my stomach comes several times. The pain last for several seconds, enough to leave me breathless, gawking for air.

Erego my plan for the weekend, to read for the interview. Tomorrow then. 

Despite my condition, mom and I went for bridal boutique hunting this afternoon. Since B is coming in 2 weeks, we need to finalise the vendor asap for clothes fitting. You think it's too early? I tot so too but I was damnnnnn wrong. One of the option, the boutique was fully book for our date. boo hoo.. We went to another one in Cheng, the package looks interesting though but Mom prefers the premons we met the other day. Oh well, just go with the flow.

Apart from that, we went to visit nenek in the evening. Her condition has improved but she remains at lost most of the time. Talked to Busu Ros just now. She said Nenek was talking about many things like she called out for my auntie, Mak Teh in Spore, asking whether she had prepared the lemangs for raya, or calling Bibik to saw the bamboo to make lemang.She also asked to be brought into the room, the one at the back and wanted to sleep there. But she's ok. Her leg is doing better now.

What else eh?

Oh Congrats Malaysia for winning the match against Myanmar. 

Semoga esok sudah sembuh. Saya perlu belajar!


Sue Andy's said...

Salu juak ko knak food poisoning ho. reya issue ngan lipas haha :P.

rah Mentari Kreative pun best juak sidak pun service. :D Pelamin n mekap pun kach. cadangan jak :P. guud luck n get well soon

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