Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm broke now. When I tell people my condition, some dont believe me. Do I have to show my bank statement to satisfy your curiosity? And since when being broke is the new trend? It's embarrassing anyway. 

Some people I know always claim that they have no money. And this usually happen when I 1st said I have none too. But several days later, they came up showing new handphone, new Ipad, new LED tv. Were you trying to make me feel good by sharing the 'same' condition' as me? hehe

But anyway, I believe rezeki comes in many ways that you sometimes never expect to. 

I went to Langkawi, literally no money. Everything was paid off by my brother or mom. I felt guilty though. I even borrowed 100 bucks from mom to shop for chocolates. I felt sorry for myself. 

When we came back, I wasnt any richer than when I was in Langkawi. However, I really wanted to go for a movie. Since the financial problem, I tossed aside the idea, consoling myself that some day the rezeki would arrive at my door step.

And yesterday, while I was having my breakfast, my dad called and asked me to send my uncle and auntie to Melaka Sentral.  I invited Ziela my cousin to accompany me. When we dropped uncle and autie at the bus station, my autie slipped RM50 note in my hand. I refused at first. She insisted. In my heart, I said Alhamdulillah. I shared the rezeki with my cousin for a movie and lunch. Cukup2.hehe we watched Kungfu Panda. And there were only 7 pax in the cinema. =)

Later that day, I remembered that I hadnt bought a chicken. So I planned to stop by Tesco. But I changed the plan since Ziela has never been to Mydin. Oh before that, my car was going to run out of gas. And again, Ziela helped to top up that. And off we went to Mydin.

Mom gave me RM20 for a whole chicken.

Before that, I had run out of stock for facial cotton since last month. I use Kleenex to clean my face since its available at home. hehe  Since money was limited, I didnt stock it up. So when I was in Mydin, I bought one whole chicken, a twin pack of facial cotton and spinach. The total bill came up to RM17.75. That what I called rezeki because everything came so cheap that I can afford to buy the facial cotton.

It was the simplest example I could give. and it happened to me.

As I grow older, I'm trying to be more mature, and thankful to what I have. I try it everyday though someday I did question why no one money is coming in. But i try not to complain, just believe that someday it will be my turn for another round of rezeki =))

p/s Alhamdulillah.


ika~~ said...

for some ppl they dont like sharing their financial probs including me!heh.u're the brave one.cheers!do u work?wht about having 2nd side income?making cupcakes or something,just my 2cents :))

Nurul Razak said...

hi Ika, thanks for stopping by.hehe Currently I'm waiting to get posted to any school to teach. hence the brokeness...InsyaAllah, I'll start working next month. =)

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