Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Arrest

I was gonna put 'bed ridden' as the title but it seems too much. So I put home arrest.hahaha Yea, my life since I beginning to get sick was like being house arrested. I didnt go out AT ALL even outside the main door. I just went from my bedroom to main hall, kitchen, toilet then back to my room. Pathetic, right?

I was to embarrassed to go out with my eyes. Plus the sound of my coughing can awake the sleeping giant in the story, Jack with the beanstalks. bahahaha sungguh hodoh bunyi iteww...

But along that time, I think I did something useful. I think la. I spent most of my waking hours sitting in front of my laptop from morning to night with some exceptions for meals and poop. I was doing my surveys. Really really really really really really intense survey for wedding stuffs. Still early? No la. less in a year already. You know how hard it is to find fresh-with-ideas bridal shop in Melaka?? Most of the time I stumbled upon bridal shops with ancient outfits, drag queen make up style, jungle-kind-of daises, and other too scary things to be described.My mum also has started asking around about bridal shops from her friends. When she came back home, she'd tell me and I would straight away go and search from the internet. And most of the time I had to scratch them out of the list. Too ancient. I'm not fussy....well a bit la. Most daises that I saw from the internet were horrible. Macam hutan with all kind of flowers stacked together, dengan hidupan lilit2 tu, the only missing elements were the wild life. I can give you pictures but tak baik rosakkan periuk nasi orang kan.

After several waking days, cewah! I finally found a young with fresh ideas wedding planner. Her ideas are all fresh, simple and pretty. Go google Hana Zakaria. She's based in Melaka. yeeehuuu! 'ive sent emails to her and got her replies in 5 minutes. Fast huh? She sent me her quotation. Not bad still under budget. Eh aku ni ade bajet ke??haha I knew that I've fallen in love with her works just like I did with Razali.

I'm the type of person if I love something at first, I will always come back to the same thing in the end. Like Razali la. Or when I was buying shoes. even I have cheaper packages offered by other photographers, I still choose him in the end. Oh well...

I've read many many many many many bride-to-be blogs in Malaysia and enjoyed reading their experiences. One thing that stuck in my head that some of them went to Bandung to shop for their wedding. And make me wanna go to though I have no idea what's so interesting there. So last night I asked my mum:

"Mak, jom pegi Bandung, shopping kahwin"

"Buat apa pergi jauh-jauh sangat..Malaysia ni takde ke?"

"Ntah...tapi baca kat tenet orang shopping kahwin kat sana. Beli kain-kain (this is mom's weaknesses..hahah)"

Mak was quiet for a while then she said:

"Bila nak pergi? Ada tiket murah tak?"

 I told my mum to wait till I start working next month. I'll pay for the expenses. She just need to accompany me jer... ceh baik tak aku???haha Then later that night I told B about the ideas. He's interested to go too. He wants to bring his mom. wahhh mek suko!

Ok enuff rambling. I need to get ready, clean my room, going out with mom later to shop at Mydin and Tesco, come back home and alter my clothes, then packing.

We'll go to Penang for a night stop. Then another night in mom's hometown. The next day, we'll be in Langkawi, my paradise =)))))))

p/s all the dreams to go to Bandung might not be a real thing because Mom has always been afraid to go to Indonesia. She said too many earthquakes.hahaha We'll go shopping at Jalan Tar jahhh~~


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