Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another cousin has gotten engaged!

Banyak pulak sepupu bertunang kan? =)

Today, another cousin, Naim has gotten engaged to his girlfriend, Pika. Naim is Anis's brother, same age with my brother, Pdoh. Pika stays about 10minutes away from our houses. Dekat je...hehe

Enjoy =). Not many pictures since I was shy to take them.

Mini dais and gifts from both sides.

Yaya, Me and Anis. Pardon the oily skin =(

From Naim

From Pika

The process was really fast. The discussion took not even 10 minutes. Simple kan? =)

Welcome to the new family.

Us. I wore the baju, freshly taken from the tailor. haha

Have a great weekend everyone!!


linziana said...

;) me blogwalking here gojes !

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