Thursday, June 16, 2011

Langkawi Underwater World, Pantai Cenang

Hola chicos en chicas!

So, our journey in Langkawi continued the second day where we started the day by visiting Underwater World. This place is situate at Pantai Cenang, so if you stay there, it's within walking distance. Butofcourse we took the car there instead of walking. We also checked out that morning too. With all the baggage, walking was insane =)

We arrived there around 9.50am, the place opened at 10am. So we walked around for a while

There's a restaurant, a chocolate shop and a small mall attached in the same building as the Underwater World

Ikha was so happy to get out. =)

The choc shop

The mission to luring Mom into buying me a perfume failed miserably =(..

The big tank at the entrance. Mom and I decided not to go in since the fee was super expensive. RM28 for Malaysian, RM38 for Foreigners. I've been there before and the ticket wasnt that expensive. Therefore, only Amir, Kak Shida, Adek and Ikha went in. Mak and I walked around the mall.hehe

Since I didnt join them, I dont know what to comment on each picture.hehe Pics were taken by my brother.

Hello gorgeous.

Fish Drift


Notice that Ikha looked grumpy. She was scared of the bird.hahaha


Close up penguin. This is NOT a duck.

The tunnel. I prefer the one in Singapore  because the floor escalates... ala like the one at KLIA.. THis one 's just rock and cement.

She was hooked!

Sejok ke dekkkkk?

It says Pink Cucumber. I dont see any pink there~


Hello there!

Ikha was already tired

This reminds me of the scene in 'Finding Nemo'.

Mom and I were waiting at the cafeteria.

Discussing where to go next. Kota Mahsuri!!

Sorry for the lack of explanation since I didnt enter the tank.hehe But was happy to window shop with Mom. The next entry will be about our visit to Kota Mahsuri, formerly known as Makam Mahsuri.



sword said...

x byk gambar nya..hehe

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