Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 months

Shafiq pointed out yesterday that the last day we sat for exam paper was on 20th of April and yesterday was 20th August. 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!! i have been unemployed, praying for miracle everyday.

Now I now how tired to be waiting for something uncertain. sometimes when my iman is wobbly, i would want to curse everybody. if we can collect and see curses, I believe Muhyiddin might be buried in curses.

If you have a job, be thankful.

Lately when B was talking or complaining about work, I kept quite. when he;s done talking, I said:

'Sekpala masalah sikit ya. Ujong bulan tetap dapat gaji. at least ktk gik ada keja"

Ya I;m that psycho now. B, sorry if I seem not to listen to your grumbles but... well, my situation is just a phase. it'll go away once I get to work =D

p/s penat dah nak jawab soalan bila posting. but on a different note: at least people will stop asking coz raya is approaching. hopefully there's news after raya. InsyaAllah.


valentine87 said...

udah ku jemu menunggu... sik sangka 4 bulan..mun part time dah dpt gaji beribu-ribu mak koh..hemmm

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