Friday, August 12, 2011

Yummiest Roti John Recipe!

For this fasting month, Mom has decided to make home made Roti John since the ones sold at Param (Pasar Ramadhan) are always too-much-egg kinda. Mom learnt this recipe from her colleague at school who's husband is selling Roti John at Param =)

I feel like sharing because this home made Roti John tastes 1000x better. Guaranteed!!

As usual, we start with ingredients:

Chicken or Beef patty. Mix with 2 eggs (beaten mildly) and onion and daun sup (optional). 

2. Small slices of cabbage + carrot + mayonnaise.

This special bread for Roti John. All the ingredients are enough for one bread.

The step:

  1. Spread the beef patty mixture on the bread. Heat the frying pan. Fry the bread.
  2. Wait until the meat is cooked.
  3. Spread the salads on the bread.
  4. Cut into slices.

Ok I know the picture is not tempting at all. I forgot to take it when it's freshly cooked =.='

Anyhoo, you can also use minced meat but the meat has to be fried first. Because it's thicker than beef patty.haha


Happy Fasting everyone! =)


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