Sunday, August 7, 2011

Different paths

Assalamualaikum and morning everyone.

Today am feeling a lil bit gloomy and wanna pour what's been inside my head for too long.

When I was in Form 5, I was one of the higher achievers among my batch. and when SPM result was announced, I ranked at 4th or 5th among my batch. Most teachers I went to say thank you patted my shoulder, hugged me or the ustaz recited duas for my future. I felt important. Many people I know didnt do really well.

When I got into Matriculation College, I was proud of myself. Then I got offered into teaching course. I felt even prouder.


6 years down the road, am still sitting at home, unbath, messy hair typing in front of the laptop.\

Some of my friends have tasted a lil bit of their success. Some did well in business, accounting, admin and many other jobs. Some have bought houses, cars, 'wives'.hehe. Me? still here.

My point here is.....i dont know how to put them in words. Without many A'SSES in the certificate one can really succeed with will power.

Yes I'm jealous with my friends.even with B. 

I dont look for being rich. I just want  to feel like I'm worth of something, feel important like years ago. Now people just look at me with pity.dem!

heck. I'm babbling. 

mandi la wehhhhhhhh


p/s this post is not intended to boast. 


sword said...

syg..gambateeyy!!!! don't look down..pas raya nya kerja lak..hehehe b doakan nya.. aminn...

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