Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good old days =)

Today my auntie uploaded pictures on her FB. Pictures when she was still young, when we were still young. I couldnt stop smiling looking at those pics and started to reminisce. Ahh...good old days always bring smiles to my face. I saved some pictures - well I admit, pictures that I think I look cute in it.hahahaha

I'm the cute girl in the pink dress. Haha the dress has been in our family for generations. Now my anak buah in Kedah has it now =p

I have always been the shortest and chubbiest....till now....=.='

ceh..ceh..ceh...ko rasa kachakk??? ok weol dah besar orait. One was missing. Raya 2010 =)

I lurveeeeeeee this picture. and I still remembered the dress. When we were younger, Anis and I have always been 'fighting' to have the most fabulous dress ever.hahah but looking back now, the dresses looked soooo old fashion yaww~

I also notice something. I looked like Adam or Adam looks like me when i was younger, no?


sword said...

hihihi nang kiut..dh besar suma kacak ktkorg.

Sue Andy's said...

nurul, masa nangga second pic ai mok padah muka ko kedak Adam. haha. nang pun

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