Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY Bunga Tissue: Carnation

This afternoon I was feeling really bored and the weather isnt helping at all. I decided to make carnation flower using tissues. My first attempt didnt go really well, so I decided to try again. This time I took pictures of the step. Just to share with all my lovely readers =)

First of all, lemme show you how carnation looks like in real.

Beautiful right?

Since I still have pink tissues in the cupboard, I decided to try making my own carnation. Here's mine:

Sama tak? hik hik *gedik*

 here are the steps. Very easy and it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete one flower.

1. Cut the tissue into half.

2. Pile each ply onto one another. Make a stack.

3. Fold them like making a paper fan. *ala macam kraf time tadika..hee*

This one for clearer view

4. Tie using wire or threads in the middle. Make sure it's tight. After that, pull each ply slowly.

Pull each ply according to the arrow.hehe macam kopak satu2 jadi kelopak.


I made 2 sizes. One is L size, the other one is S size.

I feel soooo proud of myself. Yerpp i know this is a very simple DIY but knowing that those comes from my 'jantan' hand, the feeling is unbelievable.

One note: pull the tissue slowly, if too rough you might spoil it..like I did. I read that we can use crepe paper as well. Might buy them the next time I go out. Happy trying yalls!!!

p/s Anyhoo, I was inspired by this:

Check out this Kakak's works here. She made them look really gorgeous. woot woot.

You can also check this blog for another tutorial =)


isma said...

sirius cantik...

Nurul Razak said...

hehe pasni nak try pakai crepe paper pulak. rasanya lebih cantik kot =)

Nisa said...

terrornye.. mmg minat seni2 crafttgn ek.

tp de xphm la. pull each ply cmne? then teru sjadi carnation gitu :|

sy mmg xseni :P

valentine87 said...

mok juak bunga kedak tok...abis tisu umah aku cuba kelak haha.. mun kertas dapat sik?

sword said...

mmg chantek!!syabas syg!!

sword said...

perggh..mmg lmbt tgan polah tok kn.hehehe

Nurul Razak said...

nisa: makseh bagitau. baru perasan.hehe dah upload gambar satu lagi. tarik satu2 lapisan tisu tu ke atas.kena hati2 takut koyak. baru-baru minat.hehe ni pun sebab tgh cari idea nak buat deco kahwin =p

ambun: kertas terlalu keras uollss..pakai crepe paper boleh. or kertas org polah layang2 ya.

b: tee hee hee hee =p

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