Saturday, March 9, 2013


My younger brother has started working in December. Since then, I noticed one thing. I couldn't boss him around anymore. When he was jobless, I would order him to do house chores but since he became 'a man', he started to ignore me. Few weeks ago he was home during weekend. So as usual, I ordered him to vacuum the living room. I gave him my excuse, why I couldnt do it. It's because our vacuum has got no long handle (yang panjang tuuuuu) so if I wanted to do the work, I would need to do a lot of bending. With growing belly, it's painful okay. So after I bla bla bla, he just asnwered 'nanti aku beli yang baru'. PERGHHHHHH orang ada duit dah skarang.haha

Anyhoo, last weekend he was home. So opkos I reminded him every second about the deal. Before he left, he gave some kachingggg and yesterday, despite all the tiredness in the world, at 5.30pm, this walk-like-penguin pregnant lady braved the traffic and landed in Jusco.hahaha 

A quick survey, I bought the vacuum, within the budget, and opkos my favourite color.hhehehehehehehe It's hard for me to resist anything purple. some more on vacuum cleaner??? where the colour is usually black, silver or grey?? anddddd the carpet prop as the illustration?? I have one liddat in my room!!!

Ok dah. bye!

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