Saturday, March 23, 2013


Howdy people?? Been busy lately and didnt have time to ramble.hehe quick update for things that happened from the past few days.

 Debate Parliamentary Divisional Level - Bukit Cina

We are going to the final dunno-when-yet. Congrats guyssss and also thanks to the ex-debaters who trained the team, came and support on the day!

Dora the Explorer came to visit

 Ikha has grown so much. The last time I saw her was in January =)

Congrats lil bro!

Adik scored straight As in his SPM. Congratulations yo! The plan is to further his study in Japan, regardless of the courses. As long as it is in Japan. Manga freak!

Sending Mom

Today the whole family lepak-ed at KLIA to send Mom. She's gone for Umrah =)

Allah, protect her and bring her back to us safely =)

I was too indulged with family. wah gitu indulge.haha I was having fun spending time with family. B is around too so blog, fb and twitter are abandoned =p

See you people soon!

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