Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pregnancy Update #Week18

Alright now for pregnancy update:

How far along? 18 weeks and 5 days! Alhamdulillah!  =)
Size of the baby? My baby is the size of a bell pepper

Weight gain? Havent had the time to check

Stretch marks? takdeeeeee
Energy level? Normal.
Sleep? Now that I am in a colder place, sleep is disturbed with nasal congestion.
Maternity clothes? some =)
Comfort level? Been walking a lot these few days. I could use some massage
Cravings? I want KFC, fries, pasta, malaysian food
Best moment of the week? Baby A's gender issss....hehehehe
What I miss the most? Eat to my heart's content

What I look forward tO? Flying home =)
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