Friday, March 1, 2013

Cat ouf of Bag

It's no surprise that my wardrobe selection has become limited. I have problem choosing something to wear to work. Today I chose a modern Jubah I bought about a year ago. As you can seem, I look rounder.It's a little tight around belly and butt area.hahaha

And I think because of this Jubah, the whole school has found out that I have a package i.e. growing belly. It happened first in my Form 6 class. After we finished the lesson, I was walking out when a girl stopped and asked me:

'Teacher, are you pregnant?'

'Yes. Eh I thought you guys knew already?'

'I have suspiscion la teacher coz you look 'bulging' but I just wanna confirm'


Then in the afternoon male colleagues asked the same question too.
hahahahaha well, it's nice to let people know. Even my Form 3 boys found out too from other teacher. No wonder they were sooo nice to me this week.

Anyhoo, the cat is out now. No point of hiding. Happy instead. No need to hide my bulge with books or file =))

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