Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thank You

As usual, withdrawal moment when B left me to go back to Bintulu.

Since this morning, I have heartburn, indigestion and bloatedness. None of these I had when B was around. When B called just now I told him bout my condition. He told me when he was around for few days, he was actually waiting for all the symptoms to emerge but they didnt. The worst I had were headache and backache.hehe

So I started to think whether these symptoms are psychological.hehe

That could be true also. Coz when people learnt that I dont have morning sickness they said I was strong. My O&G from Putra also said the same thing. If the mom is strong, InsyaAllah everything wont be as bad as the tales. Psychology huh?

Taken last week when I almost passed out while walking. Low HB has started to show it's effect right now .hehe

To B, thank you for showering me with all the attention.

Thanks for waking up at night when I groaned for back pain.

Thanks for massaging my back tho you were scared you might disturb the vein.

Thanks for rubbing my belly when I had cramps.

Thanks for still holding my hands in public tho I now walked like a penguin.

Thanks for finding all the food that the baby wanted to have.

Thanks for telling me how beautiful I am despite my distorted tudung.

Thanks for being my husband =)

*away to go nangis kejap*

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