Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello hello hello~

I woke up late today. Went back cuddling on bed after subuh prayer. I crushed my own plan to workout with Jillian today.hahah

All the mumbo jumbos regarding posting have been erm.... eh  I forgot what to say.hahah

Anyway, seems like we have to go for SPP interview first before we'll get posted. I dont know what SPP is.haha but here a few tips from B's dad about the interview. (B's dad used to work at IPS Miri since B was born and few years back the family moved to SMK Song as the father got the offer to work at the school. so he's quite familiar with SPP).

  1. Basically, the interview seeks to find out whether you are a suitable candidate to be a teacher. The panels wont ask administration questions like who's the DPM, the tukang buang sampah etc. They wanna see your confidence in general.
  2. If you fail the interview, fret not, you will still get posted. Except that for 6 months in service you'll be observed by the Principal, PK1 when you teach. ala macam time practicum.haha
  3. then you will have to go through the interview again after that.
Correct me if I'm wrong ok. This is secondary info as B's dad told him and later he told me. Might have changed here and there.hahaha But he did say this is a new pekeliling/system for new teachers la. Interview first the baru boleh start working.

Apparently my future-in-law also get really worried about me not working.hheeehhehe I feel loved =DDDD


sword said...

tau xpe.hehe

Afiq Mohd Zainol said...

is this for real, nurul?
we still get posted even if we fail the interview?

good, have nothing to worry then...

Sue Andy's said...

Thanks for the info :D. jgn pening psl posting ho

Nurul Razak said...

sapik: ni based dgn info yang aku dpt la. will still get posted. tp kalau fail, kena tunggu turn interview lagi. tak silap benda ni untuk sah perlantikan kot.

suz:haha yalah. insyaAllah minggu depan baruk ada brita.

Sue Andy's said...

nebes ku dengar interview koh.isk

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