Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wedding stuffs~

I dont remember the last time I talked about wedding prep. 

Not excited at all actually. Why the because? 

No money = No say.

Right now Mom is controlling everything.eheheh well...

I think I need to loan some la  from her. After the wedding, I'll pay back. Monthly installment.hahaha

Few weeks ago, mom, her colleague and I went to search for this bridal shop. Mom's colleague said this bridal offers the cheapest rate in Melaka and the service is very satisfying. I, as the person who has no say followed them. The bridal is located in the remote area of Belimbing Dalam, Melaka. It was my first time heard of a place called Belimbing Dalam.

I didnt expect much because I thought it's just for go and see, survey stuffs. The small shop was located at the roadside and easily missed. Very small indeed. The outer of the shop looks new. But very small for a shop. About the size of our hall. Our arrival was welcomed by the owner, Abg....errr.. crap! I forgot his name. Let's call him Abang je la.haha

Abg was very really super friendly. I give fullmark for his PR skill. Inside his shop was very interesting. On the left side of the shop, hung all the bride dresses neatly, according to size and colors. and on the right side was the grooms. A small table in the middle with pictures of his artworks were on it. I took one and looked at all the pictures. While mum and Kak Ina bla-bla-ing with Abang.

After some discussions, he asked about the date, theme color, and what not. At that time, I already felt comfortable with him and told him bit and pieces of what I want on my wedding day. and as usual, mom.... eh malas la nak cakap....

Anyway,..towards the end of the meeting, Abang told me to come again on December and bring B too for date booking and clothes fitting. He also said more dresses will be coming on December and will try to save some for me. Itu kate die la...haha

His package also was the cheapest I've seen from all my surveys. Dais + 2 set of attires + accessories + bedroom dec0 = RM1200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. OK emos!hahaha lagipun pelamin just for taking pictures. We ols tak buat renjis2 baling beras nih. =p

and he can make dais according to my preferences. But since there's no deal signed, not gonna be too excited about it. Now waiting for December to come, with B to seal the deal baybeh!

Dont ask me about the bridal's name because I dont know. I dont even have the phone no coz I'm yet to ask from Mom.

I've told mom about my DIY ideas and she is against it. I'm still gonna proceed with them anyway because...  I want to cut unnecessary costs that she will need to pay if I'm still jobless next year. 

Kalau aku kaya, aku tunjuk jer semua benda aku nak. Tapi aku buat ape yg aku mampu je la.

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