Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baju Nikah Story

Yesterday, B told me that his parents were buying cloth for our solemnization ceremony. They were in Miri visiting old friends. Of course I was worried about the color but also excited at the same time since they're excited about us.hehe

In the evening, B emailed me the picture of the cloth.

It's a cream satin =D

They only bought the satin without lace of chiffon as the outer layer. I honestly love the colour as it is not too dark or too light for me.mueheheheh later we gonna find the outer layer. My FFIL offers to tailor the baju for me but I'm more comfortable to do it here coz it's more convenient for fitting and alteration purposes. Did you know that my FFIL is a great tailor? and my FMIL is really great at beading??muehehehe B's baju melayu for solemnization will be exclusively tailored by his dad and his mom will add details like embroidery on the cuff and some places la.hahaha save budget uollss!

I consider this rezeki orang kahwin =p

picture googled.

I emailed this picture to B and he loves it.hahaha

But my baju wont be this heavy with details. Wanna wear it again for raya. Shy la if too emos kan.muehehehehe

Since we have cut quite a number of budget, i can splurge on beaded chiffon la kan?? Not into lace though.

Till then. Adieu!


sword said...

polah bj chantek2 tau.hehe

Nurul Razak said...

hah! antap curik tulang. keja eh keja!!!

Adean said...

bagai pinang dibelah dua.btw baju chantek.:D

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