Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visiting the Doctor

I felt the worst of my condition at dusk yesterday. My head was heavy, my throat was burning and all body ached. Mom told me to see the doctor.

The doctor did I see today. I brought Mom along coz my instinct said the bill will kill me. We went to Klinik NoorShila, the only female doctor available in Masjid Tanah to Alor Gajah. I've never felt comfortable with males doctor.tee hee...

During the consultation hour, I asked so many questions because I was worried about tonsillitis.

  • I asked about the white thingy on the wall of my throat.---> she said it's kinda ________ (i dont understand this part but it's nothing to be worried about. hahahaha)

  • I asked about the ewwww fluid coming from the back of my nose area. - it's mucus actually. Since it doesnt come out like normal flu bla bla bla.... she said I have Sinusitis

  • I asked about the possibility of tonsillitis. ---> my throat is totally fine.

  • I asked about the red dot like blood coming out with the mucus.--> She said it's because of the inflammation area behind my sinus bla bla bla

After consulting with the doctor, I swear I feel 60% good, like I dont have to see the doctor actually. Why the because? I was so worried about having tonsillitis, to have to go for minor surgery (I was more worried about the cost than the actual surgery thing...hahaha) bla bla bla. Alhamdulillah, there's nothing to worry about.muehehehe

After that, my mom and I waited for awhile before my name was called at the dispensary. The lady explained about my medication till she said the antibiotic was quite expensive. Before that, mom handed me RM50 for the meds. I knew in my heart the bill's gonna be more than that. Taraaaaaaaaaaa! 


Mom's already making faces when she dig into her purse and pulled out another RM50 note. I was giggling looking at her reaction. hahahaha sorry mom!

Clockwise: Imflammation med, panadol, lozenges and the pricey antibiotics.

To make up with her, I prepared tea: Roti Jala and Tea for my mom. tee heee....

I still laugh whenever I recall her face at the dispensary.

Love you Mak!!!


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