Thursday, October 27, 2011

3rd day of working.

I would say I was more confident today. I made drinks, took orders and not a single mistake.miahahahaha I'm happy.

One day, if I'm tired of teaching, I wanna open a cafe. not a restaurant. a cafe, selling cakes, cupcakes. I just realise that I love to talk to people. I no shy ok like I used to. Maybe because I've not met any mean customer yet.hihi

Today, there was a baby, about 8-9 months, a boy. He is the cutest baby I've ever seen. Sorry Adam, somebody has taken your place. He's fair, chubby, with a pair of pretty eyes. His eyes were clear with dark black pupil, complemented by long and curly lashes, bottom and up hoccay. It's not exaggerating to say that he has Snuffy's lashes! And he is also blessed with cleft chin! Gosh he's gonna grow up and becomes so hunky i tell you!  I didnt take his picture though since I dont think it's appropriate to publish a baby's picture without his mom's consent. 

Snuffy from Sesame Street =D

Tomorrow will be Kak Ina's last day since she'll go back to Johor for good.. Next week am gonna be the waitress, make drinks, deliver food, cashier and cleaner. Phew! But again, I'm happy. 

I hope to lose at least 2kg in a month.thehehehehehehehehehe


sword said...

chaiyo2!hehe im happy wit u.

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