Saturday, October 15, 2011

If it is meant for you...

....then it will be yours =)

This morning I had a lil bit of chat with mom. I expressed my concern regarding the posting issue to her. Then she told me she managed to catch one of the big guys in KPM when she was in Cameron Highland. She told him about our problems and asked the possibility about posting.

I dont wanna make speculations so let's just say pray harder. or the hardest you can. KPM is facing lotsa problems lately. If you follow my twitter you know la.hehehe

Anyhoo, I'm excited! Because I'm helping my sister with her business right now. She wants to have small business, selling hijabs to her friends in Brunei and asked for my help. Yeay! Apparently she receives request from her Bruneian friends since the hijab trends in Malaysia managed to catch their attentions! I'm praying that my sister will success in this unfamiliar path that she's venturing. =))

Mom brought back strawberries, corns, pickles, potatoes (all kinds), clothes for Adam and Ikha and all kinds of tea from Cameron Highlands. Have many things to munch for days ahead. =DDDDDD


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