Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life is too short to remove thumbdrive safely =)

Well, that's what Iera said.haha

Anyway, Congrats to the KPLI groups who got posted yesterday. It's your rezeki. I admit that I broke down crying for a while yesterday due to the endless waiting for good news. I was fine in the morning when the news broke but when I heard a dear friend of mine received her posting news, it felt like I was punched in the stomach. We used to whine together bah... and now....But I'm good =). She is going to be posted to Johor yawww...and she's from Miri. woot!

Apparently the KPM has forgotten about us. Even the Deputy seems to not know about the existence of our course which is quite unbelievable. And what's worse is that we are not like the 1st batch of this program but the 4th! So it's quite ridiculous for all the mumbos jumbos right now. Well, it's not the first time being stepdaughter-ed. We are the twinning program students who spend 4 years in teacher training college and another 2 years in Uni. So..... most of the time we were left behind. Ke aku jer yang rasa macam ni?hahaha

Aaaanywayy... nobody likes to be not in control of things like right now. I have no control over this posting issue ergo several incidents of breaking dawn (ok not funneh, down). But crying makes me feel better =p.

I've started my diet program yesterday. Based on my calculation, I took about 1100+ calories yesterday. Not exceeding the limit which is 1200. Should be less but I lost in the battle again my lust over Murtabak and Ayam Percik. DANG! They're hard to resist!

But I worked out this morning. Only lasted for 20 minutes though coz I felt dizzy and my body just refusssed to move! First time bebeh. SHould be ok.hhehehe I'm expecting sore limbs, hamstring, cramp stomach and other things that come with the rest. But I'm happy!

Should be off right now. Going to the market later. Bye beautiful peeps!


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