Friday, October 7, 2011

oh well~

No one has ever urged me to find a job. Not even mom.

aaaanyywwaaaayyy, I've applied for a part timer writing articles. Hopefully I can get it. Leen has told me thousands of times before to apply for the job. But I dont have the confidence with my own skills in writing. I can write craps, not academic or formal one.

But Ambun's tweet last night kinda give me strength *thank you jeeee..* so I sent an email, got a reply to write a trial essay and sent it just now. Hopefully the guy will hire me. The pay is kinda good. 10 articles per week for RM150. A month can get RM600 olready. InsyaAllah.

Just now I read my friend's status on FB that all gov servant will enjoy 40% rise in their salary. THough the budget is yet to be revealed, she said her KSU told the whole office the news. Oh well, rezeki mereka. *Stress*

I need a job. just enough to pay for the wedding. That's all I want for now. I already sad coz we've to postpone our honeymoon becauseeeeeee of the financial issue. Oh well~

and actually, does a videographer necessary? if yes, where can i fork out another 1.5k?

Oh well~


Anonymous said...

zawan : insyallah kau akan jd ckgu lak... besar juak gaji dr mekorg.... kenaikan pgkat amik msa 8 thn jak... nya bg cth pun utk ckgu jd xpaham... hahahah...

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