Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I woke early this morning and started doing chores right away. Why? Because I have an important mission today, might be the turning point in my life, life changing. I'm going to look for a job today. I'm done waiting for the posting and I dont care about the contract shit anymore. They have no right to keep our lives hanging like this. NO!

Ceh emos pulak =D

I have had this very bad headache since Monday. When I told mom yesterday, she didnt believe me. Well that's one thing about mom. Anyhoo, after I sulked a lil bit coz she didnt believe me, she said maybe I'm stressed because of the posting stuff. I said nothing. And later that night I told her I want to look for a job, she relented.

I am tired being unuseful at home. Apart from being the domestic goddess. haha You know, my cousin who was as jobless as me in June already bought her 1st car, about a month ago. I'm not putting any material value upon myself but she achieved something in less than 3 months working. I want to have something too. And everyday I would do this very depressing routine which is looking at my saving book. And hoping somehow some where the amount reduplicate. Can?

Yesterday B just bought a return ticket to KL in December, a time to shop for  the cloth for solemnization and hantaran gifts. Know what it means? MONEY IS GONNA BE SPENT. All my plans have come crashing down. I have already cancel some things on my to-do list due to financial bla bla bla... My parents are paying for catering so at least I can pay for other stuffs. Malu ok kahwin macam ni =(

Aaaanywayyy on a bright side, I'm super excited to see him again. And to attend Crystal's wedding in Bintulu. Woot Woot! I just realized that I bought my ticket to Bintulu in February. Giler semangat ko nyah! Yesss semangat to see my friends (both bride and groom are my classmates) walking down the aisle =))))

On a different note, because of the headache, I had Bekam treatment last night, done my dad. Abah went for a bekam class few years ago when he got charged RM20 per cup. Now my family can have this free treatment anytime we want. My head now looks like this dude's. hahahahahahhaha i'm lucky to be blessed with such hairy hair. so the bald spot isnt really obvious. =D


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