Sunday, October 23, 2011

Step by Step to Apply for Malaysian Passport

Next month, my youngest brother with another 25 friends will be going to Singapore for a school excursion *pout*. We heard saying that at least 3 months left for a passport before it dies to visit another country. So yesterday we went to the Immigration Office at Ayer Keroh and asked the lady at the counter. She confirmed the rumor so needless to say, my brother has to renew his since his passport will end its service January 2012.

FYI, selected immigration offices open on Saturday and Sunday too from 8am - 1pm. Good service!

First of all:
Fill in the application form. Make sure to attach 2 Passport size Pictures and a copy of IC. If the applicant is below 18, a copy of the birth certificate is deadly necessary! --- we forgot about this and miss our turn and had to come back later. dang~

Take a number at the counter. The officer there will go through all the documents and the form thoroughly - attach also the original of your IC. Then you'll be given the number.

Wait for your number to be called -- we waited for almost 2 hours =.=' .. Hand in all the documents, bla bla.. finger print, bla bla... then go back to your seat waiting to be called for payment. -- another 1 hour

Pay RM100 for 2 years/ RM300 for 5 years. You'll be given a receipt, stating the day and time when you can collect your passport. Supposedly the passport will be ready in an hour, but it depends on the crowds too. We need to collect on the next day. Bummer!

You'll need to collect your passport in 3 months time or it will be.......

Ok that's all. Bye!

Since we forgot Adik's birth cert, we were asked to go to the Jabatan Pendaftaran and apply for Cabutan Sijil Kelahiran. Of course we didnt know what it meant but off we went. Luckily the office was just in the next building. Apparently the cabutan is just like a copy of the real one. Only at the bottom of the cert is written tarikh cabutan. Had to pay RM5 though. But better than go all the way back to Lendu =D


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