Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soft Structured Baby Carrier - Boba Carrier

Hola peeps!

Gosh, I miss blogging. I miss typing nonsensical stuffs. I miss recording my life.haha

Today I would like to write a review on Boba Carrier, a carrier I was willingly invest for my baby and us.

The story started when I was googling about baby stuffs (currently my favourite thing to do during free time). Somehow I accidentally clicked on one article about baby carrier that stressed on the safety and comfort for both baby and parent. We already had one carrier at that time.

To cut it short, our then carrier was not safe or comfortable for Min. A pang of guilt for carrying Min in that all those time. Apart from that, after every session of carrying Min around with the carrier, B and I would get backache. It's not ergonomic.

My short research brought me to Boba Carrier.

Before that, mom suggested for a ring sling, also from Boba but Min is not ordinary baby. He's heavy.hahaha i dont think i can handle Min with only one shoulder. and I'm pretty sure B WILL NOT USE IT.hahaha So a SSC it is.

So here's my honest review.

  1. I.LOVE.IT
  2. Ergonomic. Carried Min around for 2 hours but no back pain. Min even slept the whole time.
  3. Easy to assemble. I can do it alone without help. 
  4. Love the design. B loves it too
  5. Comfortable
  6. Easy to wash
  7. Quality fabric
  8. Has small pockets to keep mobile phone or car keys. How convenient!
  9. There's a strap at the shoulder to keep my handbag from falling down. Extra point here!
  10. When it is not in use, the carrier can be folded into a small pouch. So we dont have to take it off and put it on again. Very super convenient. No picture la pulak...
The only thing I dont really like is the price la.hahaha but think positive, can use it for our next babies too. Insya Allah =))

Manual book with pictures!!!! I hate reading long instructions.haha

At the airport waiting for our flight. I can sit comfortably which with our first carrier, impossible to do so.

Another feature that I love is it has a hood that can be folded if not in use. Helps to protect the baby from sun and rain. and also when the baby is sleeping. Min was sleeping in that photo =) And also notice how my handbag is secured.hahah no need to sling it anymore.

Jalan-jalan at Bandar Hilir. Min slept the whole time =)

As comparison, this is the first carrier that we bought. We bought if for wayyyy cheaper because at that time, we thought all baby carriers are the same =__=' Membaca jambatan ilmu ye kawan-kawan.

See, see how uncomfortable Min look here. The carrier didnt really support his back and when wearing this, we had to walk like we had a ball in between our thighs.hahahahha With Boba, it wholly supports the baby so the baby's position isnt inclined backwards.

And here is the strongest reason why I bought a new carrier.

The first picture resembles our first carrier. And to think that Min was carried in that a few times...and he's a boy some more....ouch! So Mommy gotta do something to protect our future generation.if you know what I mean.....hahahahaah

B and I love going out, we love travelling and seeing places. That's why we need a good carrier because we dont plan to leave Min when we go around.haha at 3 months, Min has gone to many places including Brunei. Next year InsyaAllah we plan to go somewhere further but the destination has yet to be decided.

I hope this so not detailed review helps you in some ways.

Min is 7.3kg now. It is impossible to hand carry him without any carrier. Hurts my arms...boo hoo

Aku pun tak sure apa aku makan sampai Min membesar bagaikan juara.hahah he's not that chubby though, but he's tall which none B or me are.hmmmm....

post yang kelam kabut.hahaha


QieYaH said...

Cne ada jual carrier kedak tok?

Suzy Effendi said...

Ai need this! *especially baca part handbag c gugok ya haha*. Had DIY ringsling and boba wrap. Tp alyaa xmaok cuddle2 dlm wrap. Plus the fabric only support baby 6kg n below jak. (-_-)

Thanks jee!

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