Saturday, December 7, 2013

First Passport Photo

Hi peeps.
Min is still having the flu and still coughing but getting better.his immune system is working hard to fight the virus. A fighter this baby because he is still active and cheerful like usual.hehw
Anyway yesterday B and I went to take his passport photo at a studio. Next week my parents will fly over to fetch us to take us back to Melaka. But before that, we plan to go to Brunei as Abah wants to have his KLMJ moment there.yeay another road trip!
At the studio,the uncle there helped to.hold Min. The photographer had trouble taking a good photo because Min wiggled all the time. And he was super interested to suck his fists and when we stopped him he drooled pulakkk =____='
Many snapshots were taken but this might be the best one: with drool attached from his mouth down to his shirt. =____='
We had apologize to the uncle because the kid blazer that Min was wearing were covered with drool.hahahah


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