Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sick Day 2

It's the second day now. Min is not feverish but he still coughs and having flu. I really really want to have all those coz it pains to see him so gloomy today.

This morning we brought him to a government clinic.despite the massive crowd, i was very happy that we made the visit. The doctor was kind enough to answer all the questions fromo this worried new mommy.hehe there's nothing to be worried about. Just keep monitoring Min.

I couldnt sleep well last night though Min was sleeping soundly. I kept getting awake just to check on him, to check whether he's still breathing (Y.Y). Alhamdulillah he's fine.

He's a bit cranky today. Be strong little hero. Mommy and Ayah will always be with you.

Mommy loves you very much!


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