Thursday, December 19, 2013



Aaaa it's good to be back on this one sided space.haha

I have not been well since a week ago. It got worst after we came back from Bintulu. Cough and flu.

This by far, is the worst I have ever had. I couldnt sleep for almost 4 nights because I was coughing non-stop. It was really bad people that every single coughing felt like I was pushing my lungs out. My chest hurt and even my C-sec area hurt as hell.Since I'm the sole milk provider to Min, the doctor prescribed very mild cough syrup for me which I think didnt work at all. I had to endure this for almost a week till I couldnt take it anymore. I was sleep deprived and my abdomen hurt from all the coughing. Started rambling on Twitter and caught my cousin's attention.hahaha She suggested to try lime + honey with a glass of warm water. Heck, she even bought the ingredients for me. Thank you Dieraaaaaa =)))

After consuming them for 2 days, I could feel the difference. My throat became less itchy, so less coughing. My flu started to get better too. Alhamdulillah..

One thing  learnt from this is avoid being sick at all cost. Because I'm a mother now. I have a baby who needs my attention 24/7. It was very frustrating and extremely tiring when I had to handle Minmin yet I had to stay away from him as much as possible.

I'm getting better now. I still cough once in a while and have to clear my nose every now and then. Most importantly, I can kiss my baby as much as I want. For a week, I avoid kissing him because I didnt want to pass the virus to him. You know how hard it is to do so? Extremely.

Sama tak muka kami?heheh taken at Masjid Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Brunei.

I hope my antibody is stronger this time. I cannot get sick.Min needs me!


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