Sunday, December 29, 2013

Random Thoughts at 3am

Currently doing my mommy duty now - pumping...haha. I'm so sleepy so to avoid any spill due to sleepy head, let's blog. Ahhh just a random thing I have in mind at this hour

  1. So many hijab styles nowadays. Good thing though I have never had any nafsu to try the new styles. and hubby loves to see me in Bawal. There's this situation with my bro.We were watching TV when this ads about over-the-top hijab brand appeared. Suddenly he told me 'jangan pakai tudung macam tu.bertingkat2 kaler2 macam badut dah'. hahaha Gituuula hidup surrounded with all boys.No offense ok. 
  2. Not sure why but I just bought a manual breastpump. Unimom Mezzo. Will do a review about it once I've used it ok. Bought from PumpOntheGo for RM79 ONLY!
  3. My phone's condition is getting critical. Have been postponing to get a new one because budget is tight now. I dont think it can wait. Which phone should I buy?? Hmmm I'm not a gadget freak. I'll be happy as long as the camera is good, can surf the internet, call (no need video call oso can), msg you know the basic apps.hehe
  4. Looking around, god this house is so messy.I need extra time in a day to be able to do everything. But I think with extra time I would choose to sleep.hahaah
  5. I need my own house. The stuffs are mountaining till my room becomes so suffocating. Aslam you better keep your promise!
  6. My heart cringes everytime I see couples together. Be it on Facebook or in reality. When can I have that? =(
Now that's just sad. Should stop now. Bye!


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