Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Abdul Muhaimin is 4 month-old now


Just a quick update. Yesterday, 24/12/13, Min hit 4 month old as a baby. 

My baby boy is growing fast *shed mommyhood tears*

Minmin - a week old. He was still looking reddish.

 Minmin, 4 months old =))) He's grown bigger than the rubber mat.haha

Minmin with Azim, a colleague's baby who was born a week earlier than Min. But Min is definitely bigger in size.hehe

At this age, Min is able to:

  • recognises me as his mommy - jyeahh!
  • grasp on things and pull them back. Even your face.Love his curious look.hehe
  • sing - no kidding.Everytime I sang Twinkle2 Little Star, he would go 'maa,,,maa..'.First language imitation
  • Can turn to the side but not flip over. wah ganas gitu bunyi flip over.macam pancake.haha
  • hates lying on his back. He would cry non stop till someone picks him up.
  • coo, laugh, babble to himself
  • put everything he picks up into his mouth.
His food intake has increased also. If you dont direct feed your baby, you sure have this thought. How much milk is enough for my baby?hehe I always had this especially when Min was super fussy. Since a week ago, everytime after feeding he would cry or became fussy. He was taking 3.5oz by the way. So I did another calculation to estimate how much milk he needs:

Weight (lbs) x 2.5
16 x 2.5 = 40 oz

So 40oz divide by how many times he feeds in a day

40/8 = 5oz

So I tried to increase it to 5oz but he vomitted after every feeding (could be a sign of overfeeding) so I tried with 4oz. It went well.

He isnt fussy or cry anymore and he slept 3-4 hours at night. Before this, he woke up every 2 hours. Now mommy got extra time to sleep.

Curious at Ayah's watch.

Grow up and be a hero yea!


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