Saturday, May 17, 2014

Minmin 8 months old

Minmin is 8m3w old today. Let's see his progress so far

He eats more solids now compared to when he just started. More solids means less milk consumptiin.phewww for mommy

He is yet to crawl but lately i notice he is able to lift his bum already. Soon he'll crawl.

He loves pasta! Hahaha proven by the amount of pasta he ate compared to rice porridge.tee hee hee dari dalam perut dah feveret khennnn

He recognises faces. Mommy, ayah, atok,nenek and wan. He knows these people listen to his demand.

He knows who will entertain what. In the morning, he knows atok will be his buddy. In the evening, he would scream until nenek picks him up coz nenek is the buddy who will bring him out for evening stroll.and come night, no one should touch him except mommy coz he knows mommy will fly him to lala land.hahaha ayah? He FREAKIN' knows that ayah will do everything for him so he is very demanding when ayah is around

He hates toys. Ok hate is a strong word. Everytime we bought a new one for him he would play with it about 10mins and then went 'ok this is where's the remote control?'. He LOVES remote control and my glasses. Weird.

Erm...what else?

Oh he now knows to move his finger like twinkling star everytime i sang the song to him.hahaha smart boy!

Whenever someone coughed around him, this cheeky boy would mock back the sound.  Not sure how he learnt to do that though...

Weighing at 8.6kg. I think he lost a lil bit of weight after we came back from terengganu. He was down w cold and refused food for a few days.

He responds well in coversation. He would answer back in hisbown language. When i sang to him, he would make sounds which i guesses is his own way singing with me.hehe

I think that's all.there are a lot more which i think are just improvements of skills that he has acquired before

Love you Minmin!��


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