Saturday, May 3, 2014

Broken hearted

My family and I have been on a road trip since Thursday. And since tuesday,i worked hard during the day at school for the upcoming seminar and drained so much energy.

on the road,I pumped consistently (what else would you do in a 7-hour road trip?hahahaha) but to my disappointment milk production is very low. As of now, i only have one more bottle left for the next feeding and in the next few hours we have a function where there's no way i could squeeze time and pump. Breastfeeding advocates, before you all go all crazy with all the hadiths bla bla and stupid statements, the event is my brother's solemnization.

I thought by keeping to the routine this trip wont affect the production.  It does. Because another reason for the decrease is my body is tired. Even when i pumped regularly i yielded only as much as 3oz,sometimes 2oz, 30mins of pumping. See??? My mind failed to lie to my body that i'm not tired. Boo hooo

I am a bit panic now and hoping the supermarket will open its doors early. I dont want to be in the situation where my baby is out of milk but crying for it. I really  dont. Such a heartbreaking scene to imagine.

If Allah wills, Minmin will survive this. If not, Friso Gold, be nice to mommaaa!!


Suzy Effendi said...

ku mrudum juak jee.. mebi becos of tiring n super duper busy lately... ngehngeh. bukan nya kita sikda usaha cuma mungkin rezeki setakat ya kan?

Aisah Salim said...

yeah...memang sedih kalau susu merudum then kita terpaksa opt for formula milk.
but it's okay dear, kita nak memastikan survival anak kan. lagipun me akak percaya this is for short term je...chill bebeh.

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