Monday, February 25, 2013

Please understand

One thing I learn about pregnancy is everyone has different experience. Be it the symptoms, the cravings, the attitude, the emotions. Initially, at the beginning of my pregnancy I was a bit worried because I couldn't find anyone who has the same things I had. One thing for sure is I didn't have morning sickness.And because of that, I gained 4 kgs in 1 month.

Apart from that, I love pasta soooo much. Till now. At first I thought I like Western Food. But when I tried chicken chop, lamb chop and basically everything on the menu under 'Western Food' nothing satisfied me like pasta did. I love pasta guys. I can eat them everyday! I even googled 'Pasta and baby gender' to see if this is a sign of baby gender.hahahahaha but of course the result was none.

I have few people telling me that I shouldn't really follow my cravings, some were being cynical about me being 'high standard' though I couldn't even relate to what being high standard means. At first I was like 'okay' I should eat more veges, fruits or basically have a balanced diet. I tried people, but still pasta always appears in my head like a rolling advertisement. haha So in the end, I ignored those comments and just eat what my baby wants to eat (isokay to blame your baby...hahhaa) because wanna know why??

I experience heartburn, frequent bloating, and headache everyday. Mix all these symptoms, one likely has appetite to eat. All you want to do is rest, sleep and fart as much as possible. But that don't happen too. I have to eat. If I don't eat, I become weak and feel like vomitting. And it that condition, you just want to eat what you feel like eating.

That's why people, sometimes pregnant ladies want to have maggi soup, vono soup, carbonated drink once in a while not because they don't love the baby but to ease the discomfort in the belly. Trust me, If we can control when to fart, we dont need those forbidden liquids.hahaha

Remember a colleague who is as pregnant as me? She has to be admitted to hospital about 4 times a week due to dehydration. Her morning sickness is sooo bad and it doesnt seem to go away although she has graduated from 1st trimester already. Her condition gets worst coz she has no appetite to eat. Who has with the constant gagging? She is much smaller than me and she lost 4kgs in 3 months. For a small pregnant lady like her to lost that much, it's highly risky.

That's why in school, it's always the singles or those with no experience being pregnant who would condemn me about my eating habit. For those with experience they would say 'Ok la, at least selera makan dari tak makan'. seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???? I'm not upset with those who condemned me because I used to be one of them. Now I know.

I want to share about a story told by my colleague. Before she and the husband got married, the husband laid one condition for the wife which was to never fart in front of him. So they got married and the wife got pregnant. The wife experienced a very bad symptoms, bloatedness and indigestion that made the wife sooo sick. Worried about the wife's condition, the husband said 'honey, please fart as much as you can!' hahahahahahaha ok I'm not sure whether this is funny for you but for me it is.

The story is not about me and B. I have farted in front of him yearssssssssss before we got married =p

Before I end this super boring post, lemme share with you tips about The Myths and Facts about pregnancy by Dr. Phil. Click here

p/s My niece has become super chubby at 3months ++.


Hye, I'm Ayfa. Thanks for reading Mak Lang's boring post =))

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