Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Valuable Experience

Today was the end of my first journey as a MUET Speaking Examiner. I really look forward to be one again in the future as I enjoyed the whole 5 days listening to discussion. Before I bid farewell to my partner Mr. Wee, I felt a little sad. He was a stranger but we became friends in just 5 days. Apart from cracking heads to give marks to candidates, we also shared soo many things like common issues, education, school and IPT. He's a lecturer so when I enlightened him about the current situation in school, he was glad I did. Soooo much has changed since he left school. He has a few years before retiring age arrives. And again, like I said before, he made me feel like a partner, equal to him and never once made me feel like I dont deserve to be there

I learnt a lot from him too. Not just to be an examiner, but to many things especially as educators. Thank you Mr. Wee. You walked into myself just for seconds but definitely left a huge footprint.hehe May our paths cross in the future. Would love to work with you again =)))

Now, now, it' time to return back to school, to my Form 3 especially. Kids, be ready, Mdm Ain has returned!

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