Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's Be Happy

I have found the reason to all my negativeness lately.

It's the long holiday.

Yup, definitely that is. hehe Long holiday is bad for me when B is not around. The long lingering time gives me space to psycho myself, to start feeding my mental and emotions with negative thoughts. No matter how stress I am at work, work keeps me company. Keeps my mind away from endless personal stuffs.hehe So I found the reason.

Nobody wants to be pessimistic. But if you feed yourself with the wrong thoughts, everything will be negative. And I ALWAYS do that to myself.

It's bad for me and it also directly feeds to the baby. Not good guys. Not good. So I'm trying to be happy. So let's see how long this optimism lasts.haha because it's not easy to fight hormones guys. Hormones are good but sometimes bad.hahahha

Let's flood this blog with cute baby pictures from now on. Shall we? =)

I'm sooooo happy the school is starting tomorrow. No this is not sarcasm. Am really looking forward to work tomorrow =))

 Module for Form 3
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