Friday, February 15, 2013

Next Step

I've been so edgy lately since B told me he was going to confront his Boss. He didnt stop fighting although the Boss said 'NO' in late December. Partly because....well....I've been harassing him.haha He went to see the boss twice and the last one was supposed to be yesterday. But when he went the boss said to come back today. I was so agitated yesterday only to be told that. ciss!

B told me he was going to meet the Boss before Jumaat prayer so I expect it would be around 11.30am. He called me around 10am, asking about my condition (I'm feverish since last night). Then he hung up. I was lying under the blanket on the couch when B called. The meeting's done! So fast! I didnt even have time to feel nervous or psycho myself.hahaha

Anyhoo, the Boss is asking for another year or a year and a half. Then he promises to let B off and even offers to find B a spot in PPM Melaka. I was so overwhelmed with the headache and flu I didnt know how to react. Well, in this case, that is considered the best offer for us. I'll take it.

So dear readers, please be my witness and remember this day together. If the Boss goes against this deal after the agreed time, I will transfer myself to the city, be the teacher for the Boss' children and psycho them and make he regrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha psycho much??

So just now I bought B's return ticket for Raya in August. Actually because of many uncertainties, we have been postponing so many things like buying flight ticket. Since now we can see a lil bit of light at the end of the tunnel, life resumes. My next big step would be buying a house. Since I started working, buying a house has been on top of my list. Hopefully after my confirmation into the service, I would find our dreamed house. InsyaAllah.

Are we ready for this big commitment in our lives?

For better or worse =)

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