Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Dos and Donts

It;s just normal to have people telling you the dos and donts when you are pregnant.

Last Friday, I had a morning breakfast with usual colleagues. In our small groups, we have 3 mommies-to-be so our discussion or morning talks are usually based on pregnancy or baby stuff. Pretty boring for non mommy to be .hehe

Anyhoo, they talked about all the dos and donts. They shared about tips from their moms, moms-in-laws, family. About what to eat, what to avoid, what shoes to wear you know all the safety precautions. Some of the tips include:

Dont eat orange

Dont eat grapes

Dont drink soy milk too much

Dont eat spicy food

Dont eat this...dont eat that

Eat lotsa veges but depends on the types

Drink more plain water

Sleep on your left side

Wear cotton clothing...

 I frowned the whole time.
Then I blurted:

My mom never said anything about those thing. Neither my mom in law.....

Yea my mom never gave me any tips, never prevented me from eating anything. No advice how to sleep, what to eat, what to drink none so ever.hahaha This morning I was tweeting about whether to cut my hair since I lost a lot lately. My cousin told me not to cut too short coz during comfinement usually the moms will tie their hair into Kim Kardashian Hair Bun (nak jugak kim k tuuu) to prevent from angin etc. So I asked my mom about it. She kept quite for a while then let out a small laugh and said:

Iye kot....agaknya la...Truth is...I never really followed all the steps when I was pregnant or during confinement.....isokay.... you all grow up fine...hahaha


Despite her kampung background, mom is pretty stubborn modern when it comes to pregnancy.hahaha she is indeed true, we all grow up super fine =)))))

But really you know, sometimes all the dos and donts are very cultural based.
 For example:

My jawa friend said kenot eat grapes while the Malay said grapes are good for baby. seeeeeee! 

ok that's just one example, cant justify anything.

Ok la. Bye!

p/s to date, I havent had my puke moment. Praying it will be like this till the baby's out.
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