Tuesday, February 5, 2013


At this stage of marriage, being separated from B should be normal. Actually from the past 8 months, every time we bid goodbye, I was pretty okay. I didnt cry at all.

For the first time since we got married, I cried 3 times today.

The first wave of flood came early in the morning. Woke up, ironed my baju, hugged B who was still sleeping and sobbed like a little girl.

The second time when I reached school. Called B. Was cursing his boss and again teared up.

The last one was when I got back from work to an empty house. I entered the room. B had it tidied up. He left the shirt he was wearing last night (on my request) on the bed with some notes for me. I sobbed alone.

Damn  you hormones! I blame the hormones because I have never felt this emotional. Worst, I cried. urghhhhh~~

I will see him again InsyaAllah 21st of March. A month ++ from now. If this is written in my path, I will accept it. Allah knows best. But still, if I'm given the chance, I would like to hit his boss in the nuts.

Ayfa, ayfa ayfa ayfa ayfa ayfa, mak lang rindu....

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