Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

I had fun today. Waking up and saw many arguments about Valentine's Day from the Muslims.  Fatwa is fatwa dear brothers and sisters. =).

Me, I made love to myself today. I'm celebrating too but not the V-day. (everytime I read V-day, my mind reads it as 'v****a day' =___=' effect of reading too much pregnancy stuffs.hahaha)

I'm celebrating that my lil tadpole and I are now entering the second phase of our journey - 2nd trimester! Woot!I dont feel nauseous, and my strength are returning. I dont feel very tired, just my normal tiredness before i got pregnant. Buttttttttttt! my appetite is getting bigger! Ok dowanna talk about food. Mommy is stress!

Today I went for pampering session. I've got headache since few days ago and a friend said it might be due to 'angin'. My hair was super messy too and I'm losing them too. sooo scary to see all of them lying on the floor. I will blog about this Muslimah hair salon I found in Melaka in different post. 

Anyhoo, I opt for Bob Cut hoping to look like Victoria Beckham. Victoria has edgy face while yours the result definitely...


I look like a 15-year-old girl instead. =______='

Mom said "Apsal ko tak buat fringe je boleh sama macam Ikha"

Haha tak terfikir nak buat fringe sebab pakai tudung. nanti fringe jadi huduh sebab asyik sikat belakang =p
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