Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I was so stress at the beginning of this week. I know I've promised to be more optimistic but can you tell me how to calm yourself when your husband almost got killed by his own car? Tell me. B's car is at its worst condition. We both have given up on it. We are ready to sell it but to repair the damage isnt cheap. B didnt get into any accident, it's just the way the car is. and this time it tried to kill my husband.

Of course B didnt tell me earlier about the incident. He waited for few days, and he chose the day I was at my calmest.hahaha and I think he chose the right time.I heard the news with sooo much calmness that I couldnt believe it was Nurul who was listening at that time.hahaha But hours later, in prayer the thought of losing him when I was not there scared the hell outta me. And with the baby on the's just...... But I humbly thank Allah for sparing his life and not taking him away. Lend him to me for a longer time Ya Allah..

Lately, things were not on our side. Finance, the stress, the baby and now the car are too much sometimes. All these made us think, maybe we have done something bad or not doing enough to chase away the bad lucks.hehe But we are positive that things are going to change and be better. InsyaAllah.

I dont know whether I should tell about all these in blog but I cant keep it anymore. I hope this will not disturb your happy day. I'm happy, Alhamdulillah and the baby too. Cant wait for next check-up to see its progress =)))
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