Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Discovery

It was a full day today. After school, we had Skuasy training session to prepare the team for the upcoming tournament in early March. After the training, I went to Jusco in search for a stopwatch. My Chief Examiner advised me to get my own stopwatch in case the provided ones didnt work. This could be my long term investment into being an examiner, so I bought a new one.

Stopwatch is not a common item we buy so I had dificulties searching for it. Went to Daiso, found one but it didnt work. So I literally walked around Jusco just to search for that tiny item. Tired of walking, I went into Jusco Department, the top floor where they were having sales for baby items. Gosh...terkeluar dari landasan yang lurus sekejap.hahaha I got two pairs of newborn suits for a colleague while surveying for my future baby stuff.

Guys, it's confirmed. Gone are the days when I could spend hours surveying blouses, shoes or handbags. I have no interest on those items anymore.hahahaha I spent about 45 minutes looking at baby stuffs, reading the labels, the tags, the instructions, calculating the budget and picturing how cute my baby would look in those outfits.hahaha mothers~~~

At the last minute I found the item I needed, took less than a minute to think and headed straight to the cashier. Only after that I realised the instructions were in Chinese =____________='

My brother managed to crack the code and set the stopwatch for me. Phewww!

Anyhoo, what's my little discovery again? Almost 2 hours walking in Jusco, I went to toilet more than 5 times!!! After every 15-20 minutes I felt the urge to pee. Ok nothing strange there but a pregnant lady. But! After the lil shopping I did, I had a quick dinner at Pizza Hut. (Anyway, Pizza Hut is having 50% off for certain meals everyday. go cekidaut!) I ordered one glass of juice and one set of chicken chop. I drank the whole glass and sat there for almost 30minutes. No urge to take a leak.hahaha

I know it's pretty long just to tell a simple story. To sum up, when I walk, I need to pee. When I sit, I dont feel the urge to pee. There, the world is normal again.hahahahah

Entering the second trimester, my baby bump is visible now coz I'm still wearing old baju kurung to work which now has become quite tight around the waist area. But the feeling of touching that bulge is.....comforting. I dont feel the stress when I had the bulge when I wasnt pregnant.hahahaha

Ok bye!
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