Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our interesting activities

Weeks before B got back here, we  planned soooo many things about how we would spend the days together.

Like going for a movie

or going for karaoke session

or going to lepak at any beach

or going to all pasar malams

or pretend to be tourists around bandar hilir.

We did NONE of those.

B was not at fault. He's always so excited about going around. But his mak buyung-in-the-making wife stopped him. Boo hoo

I got tired easily peeps. We went to the mall twice in a week but after one hour I begged him to go home. Before this, it was always him who begged me.hahahaha the table has turned. I now love my bed more than anything.

Today is Sunday. Guess what interesting activity we did.

Please ignore the background. Limited space.hehehe we baked cookies!!!!

Extra chocolate chips.


the 6 hours baking produced only this much of cookies. Booooo

Actually I baked to compensate the fact that I didnt cook anything for B since he got back. I was too lazy+tired to do anything after I returned from work. So I thought the long hours of baking could make up.hahahaha lazy wife!

At the beginning B kept coming into the kitchen asking whether he could help with anything. Arrogantly I said no. However, my hands were not strong enough to handle the batter so he came to rescue. It continued since then where he did the dough, checking the temperature, controlling what's going in and out the oven while me........ err playing with The Sims.hahahahhaa

annndddd after that I left him to finish while I dozed off in the room. =______='

So much of compensating. pfft!!

So in the end, it's not my project after all. All I did was telling him what to do and played games. hehe

We are such a boring couple. Oh well~
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