Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Thinker

I'm mostly fine, Alhamdulillah. Compared to my pregnant colleague, I'm considered super healthy. She has been admitted to hospital for almost a week now. Poor her. Very bad morning sickness.

My body is adjusting. Apart from usual cramps, my hips and back constantly ache. I walk snail-slow lately. I can be seen panting even from a short distant to toilet. and most importantly, searching for something to wear is very frustrating now. I can no longer fit in my jeans. I depend so much on penny dresses. Luckily, my uniform to work is baju kurung. else.....

I went looking for maternity pants but...they look so auntie-ish and also am too small for them anyway. Frustrating! Luckily, I can still slip into slack pants. huhu

Last Monday, B and I went to Putra Specialist to scan my belly. The day before we had a long bumpy ride from Terengganu and my lower abdomen was aching. I was worried for the baby so off we went. Actually I wanted to go to NorShila but a colleague recommended this lady doctor from Putra. Since it's nearer to my school, we opted to go there.

The registration process went smoothly. After almost 2 hours, I finally got to see Dr. Ishaireen. I guess she is in her mid 30s, very friendly, very soft spoken. I fell in love with her. Anyhoo, we got to see our baby for the first time and got to listen to its heartbeats. Words cant describe my feeling. I looked at B and he had this glow on his face. It's overwhelming. Haish dunno how to describe. He must have felt the same way I did.hehe

We got the print of our scan. I'm lazy to take the picture but it looks like something like this.

The fetus looks like 'The Thinker'. hahaha am serious.hahahahaha


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