Monday, January 14, 2013


It's true what they say about when you are expecting. You will start to think about the future. Slowly you will start to pave the route for the unforeseeable. I dont know about other mommy to be but I definitely do.

One of the things is about financial. Gosh I love to talk about finance right?haha I am a planner, in a way my mom is. Raise by a woman who believes to stand on your own feet, earning your own money, buy your own car and house, i definitely share the same notion. So, lately I've been thinking about when should I start saving for this lil tadpole of mine. It's not about being excited you see, just I need a good plan for its future. I heard over the radio that we can open SSPN saving as early as 20 weeks of pregnancy. Wow!

I think am gonna do that. I dont know how the future holds for lil tadpole. It might not be as lucky as me to get a scholarship to study. So I think I want to start saving for it. Can? My students are mostly Chinese and other English teachers are Chinese too. One thing I learn from them is they start saving for the children as early as possible. They send their children to different classes like drawings, music classes, dancing lesson, etc just to see how far the child will go. If the child shows no interest, they will stop sending him and find other things to explore. So I tell you based on my own experience, my Chinese students are more skilled, more open minded, more outspoken compared to my Malays. Their English language are not necessarily good but they have the confidence. I guess it's because they have been exposed to so many things since young. Soooooo in order to provide good environment for learning, money is of course the prominent thing.

Eh terpanjang pulak cerita sang kancil dan buaya.hahaha just my thoughts that I think I can share. We all want the best thing in life. Why not work for it?hee

It's just a lil dream of mine for lil tadpole and future tadpoles. I hope I'll have the strength, the patience, the money to provide the best for them =))

Ayfaaaaaaaa cute giler anak abang aku ni. Kena tengok hari2 so my tadpole will be this cute too.haha

p/s I hate frog but call my embryo 'tadpole'. Ironic much?hahaha 

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